welcome Italian Greyhounds

Welcome to Italian Greyhound Week

History of our Dog Breed/Cat Weeks

During the summer, we sponsored a giveaway by the world famous shopping dog Jasmine. To celebrate the giveaway at let's be pets! we ran a feature on Jasmine and some of her "shopping friends" (Ted, Sundog, Izak, Devo and Bolt). We had such a good time getting to know Jasmine and Friends and later the giveaway winner Carma Poodale Allen that we wanted to do something else that would help us meet, and learn about, other great friends (and the charities they support).

We started out with Beagle Week and met some amazing Beagles (Kate, Tina, Shy, Lulu, Alfie, Ellie, Tuson, Henry, Princess, and Buddy) (some with forever homes, some still waiting). After Beagle Week, we hosted Cat Week and met Hunter, Cheshire Kitten, Nutmeg, Karma, Reggie, Becket, Belle, Jethro, Ziva, Sebastian, Athena, and Coconut. We had such great responses to both weeks, we extended each to a week and 1/2!

Introducing the Italian Greyhound

At the end of Cat Week, we put out another social media call for suggestions on what to do next. Fellow tweeter and blogger Vincent Rocket suggested Italian Greyhound Week and here we are!

The Italian Greyhound is such a beautiful breed. This is the first time we will be getting to know any Italian Greyhounds (which are affectionately referred to by some as "Iggys") so we are excited to meet as many as possible.

Coincidentally, our new artist friend Tim Beachy of A Breed Apart Clothing Co. fosters Italian Greyhounds. You might remember Tim from Beagle Week as the artist who recently realized his dream of opening a business that celebrates dog breeds of all types (see his v-neck t-shirts and classic t-shirts). Tim has created a wonderful shirt featuring the Italian Greyhound breed:


You can, of course, by Tim's shirts here at let's be pets!

Meet Our Inspiration for the Week: Vicent Rocket & Gino

As we mentioned, Vincent Rocket suggested that we feature the Italian Greyhound this week. Vincent Rocket is a 4 year old Italian Greyhound who both tweets and blogs. You can find him on twitter as @VincentRocket and you can find his blog at vincentrocket.blogspot.com.

Vincent Rocket (with the help of his parents of course) started a blog in order to help other Italian Greyhounds in need. Through the blog they help Iggys find forever homes and also raise money to help get or keep them healthy. We are continually impressed with the work and devotion of our blog and twitter friends to saving and helping pets in need and Vincent Rocket is no exception. Thank you Vincent for the work you do and for your suggestion.

Vincent Rocket was born to a backyard breeder and was rescued as a puppy. You can read his endearing blog entry on his beginnings here. Vincent Rocket has a brother named Gino Bagadonuts who is also an Italian Greyhound. Gino was a rescue too and when Vincent's family adopted him he was very sick. Thankfully they were able to nurse Gino back to health and they live happily together now (although Gino does unfortunately have an eye disease that always leads to blindness).

We hope you enjoy these adorable pictures of Vincent and Gino!

This is Vincent:

This is Gino:

Vincent and Gino support the Italian Greyhound Club of America Rescue and the Italian Greyhound Rescue Florida. If you would like to support these rescues too, please remember that we donate 10% of any let's be pets! purchase to the recipient of the buyer's choice. We also donate 5% of any purchase at our home accessories store, www.essentialsinside.com, to the recipient of buyer's choice. Recipients can include any charity, any chip-in recipient or any other person/group in need.

Thank you Simply Spotted Photography

If you are visiting from a direct link, please take a second to view the cover photo on our home page. The photo features a gorgeous Italian Greyhound named Beau who was elegantly captured by Kim Butler of Simply Spotted Photography. Kim's photos are amazing and we are thrilled that she said we could share them with you!

Kim photographs pets and people, primarily in Florida. You can see her work at www.SimplySpottedPhoto.com and www.KimButlerPhoto.com. She also blogs and has a whole wonderful page dedicated to Italian Greyhounds, which you can see here.

Beau's photo and the one below of Bailey are our favorites:

Happy Urban Dogs!

This morning we received some wonderful emails featuring gorgeous Italian Greyhounds who wanted to celebrate Italian Greyhound Week with us!

The first two are Rozie and Rocket Lilly, sent to us by Elaine Rinicker. Elaine is an ABC-certified dog trainer and owner of the dog training company Happy Urban Dogs, LLC located in Land O'Lakes, Florida. You can learn more about Elaine on Happy Urban Dog's website and Happy Urban Dog's facebook page.

Rozie is a 4 year old Italian Greyhound and Rocket Lilly is 2. Elaine tells us "We love this delicate but fun breed. They have tiny bodies but huge hearts and are the most affectionate of all breeds."

Here is Rozie!

This is Rocket Lilly!

P.S. Rozie and Rocket Lilly have another sibling named Jaxs the Wonder Dog. Jaxs is a Basenji/Italian Greyhound mix and competes in agility.

Here is Jaxs:

Elaine tells us that Rozie and Jax are best friends. Rocket Lilly's best friend is Elaine's old cat Meg - they lick each other and sleep together on the couch! So sweet!!

You can see more pictures of Rozie, Rocket Lilly and Jax in Happy Urban Dog's Favorite Pups Photo Gallery.

Happy Texas Dogs!

Coming to you from another favorite southern state (the great state of Texas aka the Lone Star State) are three beautiful greyhounds named Lance, Dickens and Tessa. Lance and Dickens are both 8 years old, Tessa is 4. We think you'll be able to tell a bit about them from the fantastic pictures below.

This is Lance (as he clears a jump at an agility trial)!

This is Dickens (so terribly sweet)!

Here is Tessa (looking stunning with a collar to match her ears)!

This lovely trio's Mom, Donna, supports and fosters for the Italian Greyhound Rescue of Texas (which also serves Oklahoma). You can learn more about IGCA Rescue of Texas, and perhaps find an Italian Greyhound of your own, on the Rescue's website and on their facebook page

You can also read the Rescue's wonderful Iggy Facts written by Lilian Barber.

If you would like to support this rescue too, please remember that we donate 10% of any let's be pets! purchase to the recipient of the buyer's choice. We also donate 5% of any purchase at our home accessories store, www.essentialsinside.com, to the recipient of buyer's choice. Recipients can include any charity, any chip-in recipient or any other person/group in need.

Stay tuned for more Italian Greyhounds throughout the week. If you have an Italian Greyhound you'd like featured here, please email us at contact@letsbepets.com.

Thank you so much for visiting and shopping with us.

Lyvonne, Ed and
the let's be pets! team


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