welcome to cat week!

Welcome to Cat Week!

As you may know, we recently celebrated Beagle Week here at let's be pets! Getting to know the Beagle dogs was LOTS of fun and we want to thank everyone who shared their photos and stories with us!

Since we have been celebrating dogs quite a bit, we thought we better give some quality time to another great pet - the cat. We will be celebrating different types of cats as we go through time here at www.letsbepets.com but, for this first Cat Week, we will enjoy introducing you to all different types of cats.

First, we'd like you to meet...

Our Cover Model Hunter from Tuff Photo

The photograph on our home page was taken by the AMAZINGLY TALENTED Nationally Published Photographer Victoria Rak of TuffPhoto.com. Hunter is one of Victoria's cats (she also has another cat, 2 dogs and 1 human baby).

We connected with Victoria after seeing the incredible pictures she took of our friend Devo and his Mom Paula. (Remember Devo - he was one of Jasmine's shopping pals!) You can see Devo's photos, and many others, from Tuff Photo on Tuff Photo's Facebook Page.

Please like Tuff Photo's Facebook Page while you are checking out Devo there! You'll be able to see Victoria's wonderful photos, learn about any specials or giveaways, AND get notice of her pet casting calls!

If you'd like Victoria to take photos of your pets, I'm sure you can let her know via Facebook. Her rates are VERY reasonable, which is great because as soon as you see her other photos, you will want your own. Take a look at a couple more of Hunter...


Aren't the photos amazing? We are told Hunter really loves to play pool! We are so thrilled that Victoria let us feature her photos of Hunter to celebrate Cat Week. Thank you Victoria!

Next up...

Winston and Ben:

Winston and Ben live at the Delaware Humane Association in Wilmington, Delaware. They have been there a long time and are available for adoption! We visit Ben and Winston just about every week and would bring them home with us if we could. For now, we will continue to visit them and work on finding them homes.

Ben is a handsome long-haired cat who we met for the first time back in the Spring. Here is what he looked like the first day we met him

Ben was very shy at first, but now he's very snuggly!

We met Winston last year at the DHA. (He is Ed's favorite) We can't understand why he hasn't been adopted yet. He is super-friendly and great with people, cats and dogs. He can be very snuggly too, but it is usually with me so I don't get the picture! Here is my favorite picture of Winston:

We will be visiting DHA this week and will share more DHA cats after our trip.

For our 3rd group of felines, we'd like to introduce you to...

Cheshire Kitten, Nutmeg & Friends

Not too long ago we found a wonderful community of pet bloggers on the web and we chat with many of them, and their pets, on twitter. Two of those wonderful pets are Cheshire Kitten (aka "Cheshie") and Nutmeg (aka "Nutmeggy" or just "Meggy"). When I told them about Cat Week, they offered to join in!! They are adorably cute, have lots of great friends, and a very talented Mom so we are excited to have them celebrate Cat Week with us.

Cheshire Kitten was born to a wild cat Mom who dropped him off to be found by his human Mom (Robin) when he was one month old. Cheshie took a while to warm up to Robin but now gives Robin at least one cuddle a day. We know this because this is a wonderful feature on Cheshire Kitten's blog, Cheshire Loves Karma.

Karma lives with Robin and Cheshire Kitten. Karma is a beautiful gray cat who turned 5 this year! Robin found Karma as a kitten too and took her in. I learned from Cheshire Kitten's blog that Karma has a scarf from when she was a kitten that she drags around the house with her still. Isn't that just adorable?

Nutmeg lives with Cheshire Kitten, Karma and Robin. Nutmeg is a cutie pie too. She really likes headlicks, from everyone, and will make sure she gets them by leaning into you head first!

Nutmeg loves Reggie. Reggie is one of 3 black cats who live with Cheshire Kitten, Karma, Nutmeg and Robin. The other two are Becket and Belle. Cheshire Kitten does not like Reggie. :(

Please visit Cheshire Kitten Loves Karma to learn more about Cheshire Kitten, Nutmeg and all their friends, including the Garden Kitties. You can also follow Cheshire Kitten and Nutmeg on twitter!

One more tidbit before we share their pictures...their Mom Robin is very talented. She helped Cheshire Kitten write a book, she writes for Anipal Times, she teaches Communications at the University near their house, she teaches yoga and she's an artist!! You can see the book and her art on Art Fire and we've shared one of our favorites below.

Please take a look at Cheshire Kitten, Nutmeg & Friends:

Cheshie practicing the art of cuddling



Cheshie as a kitten with Becket & Cheshie with his fav toy (a gift from a blogger friend)



Nutmeggy & Reggie

The usually camera shy Belle

Robin's art (our favorite but we love them all-you can pick your own fav at her shop on Art Fire)

We hope you loved getting to know Cheshie, Nutmeggy, Karma, Reggie, Becket and Belle as much as we did! We are so happy they joined us to celebrate Cat Week!

Welcome to our second day of Cat Week! Today we want to introduce you to a few more new friends. First up is...

Jethro and Ziva

Jethro is about 1 1/2 years old and lives with his Mom Gayle. Gayle tells us Jethro loves being held like a baby and getting his tummy rubbed!

Gayle is also Mom to Ziva, who is about 1 year old and has beautiful ice blue eyes. Gayle is a kind soul - despite a challenging time in her own life, Gayle took in Ziva and gave her a loving home!

Here is a sweet picture of Jethro and Ziva. Jethro is in the back. Thank you so much Gayle for sharing Jethro and Ziva's picture and story!

Good morning and Happy 3rd Day of Cat Week! We have some very nice kitty cats to tell you about today!

First up today is…

Sebastian (aka Junior), Athena & Coconut

Sebastian, Athena & Coconut belong to our twitter/pinterest/blogger friend Debbie. Debbie is from the Windy City and writes a blog about living with three Chihuahuas, a Sheltie and 3 cats (and she also has a bird!). You can follow Debbie on twitter and follow her on pinterest (which we highly recommend!) to learn more about her crew. In the meantime, you can see their cute faces right here:

This is Sebastian aka Junior


The lovely Athena


The beautiful Coconut


Happy Labor Day everyone!

We hope you are having a great day so far. Today we are bringing you some cats that are closer to home...my (Lyvonne's) parent's cats Melanie and Scarlett. Melanie and Scarlett are both Persians. They love my daughter and these pictures are her work, except, obviously, the picture showing Melanie "attacking" my daughter and then subsequently falling asleep. (She took her pictures with the ipad so they are not as clear as we'd like) Here they are:



For your viewing pleasure, we also wanted to share with you my (Lyvonne's) daughter's favorite videos from the Internet Cat Video Film Festival held on August 30th at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. We did not get to attend :( but we did read about in the NY Times and watched all the videos!

> This is from the Indie Machines on YouTube:

This is her second favorite. It is from "DragonMirnet86"

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Counting today we have 3 more days of Cat Week (and 1/2). We made our almost weekly visit to the Delaware Humane Association and took some more pictures of our cat friends.

We'd like to introduce you to Pooh and Meatball (who we visit with each week along with Ben and Winston), Faulkland (who we just met), and a cutie pie who we nick-named "Cat in Basket." (For some reason, we just love cats in baskets!)

Pooh, Meatball, Faulkland and "CIB" are all available for adoption and you can see them all on the DHA's website. Here they are:

This is Pooh and Meatball:


Here is Faulkland and "Cat in Basket":


If you are in or near Delaware, please stop by the DHA. Even if you can't adopt, you can pay a visit and give the cats a little love. They are all very sweet!

Stay tuned for more cats! Remember-if you have any cat friends you'd like us to feature during Cat Week, please just email us at contact@letsbepets.com.

Thank you so much for visiting and shopping with us.

Lyvonne, Ed and
the let's be pets! team


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