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Beagle Week 8/7-8/17/2012!

We had such a good time getting to know Jasmine and Friends and Carma Poodale Allen that we wanted to do something else that would help us make other great friends.

Since we have a new artist friend (Tim Beachy) who recently realized his dream of opening a business that celebrates dog breeds of all types (see his v-neck t-shirts and classic tshirts), we thought we'd celebrate with him by devoting every other week to a different dog breed. (Don't tell the dogs but on the other weeks we're going to celebrate cats)

We are devoting our first week to the beautiful Beagle (and Beagle mixes of course!). We put out a social media call and asked beagle lovers to share their beagles with us. We are so happy to introduce you to the wonderful beagles who answered our call and to show you Tim's work celebrating the Beagle.

8/13 Update - We love the Beagles so much we are extending Beagle Week until Friday 8/17!!

The Beagle by Tim Beachy of A Breed Apart Clothing Co.

You can (of course) buy it here.

Our New Beagle Friends:

Kate is a 9 yr old beagle who lives at the Owensboro Humane Society. She is potty trained, gets along great with other dogs, cats and loves children. She loves to just be with you and still has spunk for being 9 yrs old. She is fun loving, loves to give kisses and she is a go go girl. She is crate trained but loves to sleep in the bed with you. Kate knows commands like sit, stay, lay down and shake paw. She would be a wonderful addition to any family and she will quickly win your heart.

Kate is a friend of our first giveaway winner Carma Poodale. Carma and her Mom can't talk enough about Kate. They call her Katie bug. She even goes to Carma's house sometimes just to get out of the Humane Society and take a little vacation.

You can find more information about Kate on You don't need to live in KY to adopt her.

Take a look at sweet Kate:

(that's Carma's Mom holding Kate!!)

Tina also lives at the Owensboro Humane Society. She is 3 years old. Tina came from a hoarding situation a year ago with other beagles. She is potty trained. Tina is a little skiddish when she first meets you but it doesn't take long to warm up to you. She gets along wonderfully with other dogs and children. She doesn't seem to mind cats.She loves to go for walks and to sit in your lap. She loves to run around the back yard with her nose to the ground. She is spayed, up to date on shots and is ready to be adopted. You can find more information about Tina on You don't need to live in KY to adopt her.

Here's the lovely Tina:

Shy is our third loveable beagle from the Owensboro Humane Society. Shy is 3 years old like Tina. Shy is a little shy when she first meets you but warms up to you. She loves to go for walks and to lay by your feet. She can be a little clown sometimes. She would love to have a home of her own. She gets along with dogs and loves kids. You can find more information about Shy on You don't need to live in KY to adopt her.

Take a look at super sweet Shy:

Lulu is a fabulously cute beagle who was adopted from the Orange County (Florida) SPCA when she was six months old. Lulu lives in Florida with her Mom and a cat named Galadriel. Lulu loves the dog park, chasing squirrels and playing with her toys. Lulu also loves to do the “magic cup trick” (her Mom hides a treat in one of 4 cups and Lulu has to find the treat)!

To keep up with Lulu and her adventures, check out her blog, like her on facebook and follow her on twitter.

Lulu can also tell you about Florida beagles available for adoption.

Here is adorable Lulu:

New Additions 8/8:

Alfie (fka Elmer) (and Relay):
Thanks to two fantastic pet blogger groups, BlogPaws and PetBlogs United, we started following Relay's House on Facebook. One day Relay's House posted one of the sweetest pictures ever:

Of course, when we decided to host "Beagle Week", we had to include the cutie pie beagle in that picture! His name is Alfie (fka Elmer) and he was fostered for a short time by Relay (of Relay's House) and Relay's parents. Relay's Mom writes "Poochie Project" a fantastic blog about fostering dogs.

You can read all about Alfie and his recent adoption (and name change) on the blog and on the Relay's House Facebook Page. In the meantime, take a look at these pictures of Alfie, Relay and Alfie's new family:

Ellie the Beagle
Another super cute Beagle we'd like to share with you is Ellie, a Beagle we met via Twitter. Her Mom was kind enough to let Ellie join us during our Beagle Week celebration. You can follow Ellie the Beagle on Twitter too.

Here is Ellie's story:

I am a rescue beagle and have been well-loved since 2006. My vet estimates that I'm around age 10, meaning I was grown when I was adopted. Some people think I'm older, but I don't listen as I still feel like a puppy! I love to ride in the car, go camping and discover new smells on road trips. I keep fit by hiking the Shenandoah mountains, sniffing out trails at Great Falls and sprinting around local parks.

With my warm brown eyes and a gentle yet exuberant spirit, I am happily welcomed into arms and onto couches. I like belly rubs, carrots and naps in the sunshine.

Please consider adopting a beagle or a beagle mix through a rescue group (I support BREW!) or your local shelter. While it might take time to bond and get us into shape (we like to eat and lounge), we'll be your most loyal and comical sidekick.

Ellie the beagle

And here is Ellie:

She's watching the Olympics!

Aren't you falling in love with them all?

New Additions 8/10:

Happy Friday everyone! We have some more beautiful Beagles to share!

First up, Lulu (see her profile above) knows of some Beagles still waiting to be adopted! You can see the adorable Tuson on Lulu's blog Life with Beagle and Henry at Orange County Animal Services. Please visit and see these adorable Beagles. You can also see them on our facebook page or Lulu's facebook page.

We borrowed pictures of Tuson and Henry to show you:

Here's Tuson:

This is Henry:

Next up is Princess. She is currently living at our own Delaware Humane Association and we met her this week. Very very sweet and should be available for adoption soon. We will keep you updated. Here are some pictures of the beautiful Princess:

Are you starting to see Beagles everywhere? We are!!!

Update 8/14 - Beagle Fun Facts!:

Carma Poodale Allen & her Mom tell us that:
• Beagles are notorious over eaters.
• Beagles were bred so their coats would repel water and not attract burrs.

Update 8/15 - Sweet Story:

We asked some Beagle fans from Twitter if they had any good Beagle stories to share. Alyssa Milbeck was kind enough to share a sweet story with us about her Beagle Buddy.

Alyssa tweeted: "for prom since one of my friends didn't have a date we told her Buddy(the beagle) was her date. When we went to take a group pic he sat right by my friend knowing he was her date."

Here is a picture of Buddy turning on the charm for his prom date LeeAnn (who only didn't have a date because she went to a different school but was probably better off with Buddy as her date anyway. :) )

Here's another picture of the super charming and adorable Buddy:

You have to be falling in love with Beagles now!

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